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hello im a College student and I'm a very down to earth person. I am well rounded, though my interests lie mostly in science and writing. I always try to maintain a positive outlook on life and I'm pretty easy to talk to.

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I will sit on a 3 balloons until it pops for $5

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Hello !!!!!!!!! For $5 I will take you a video of me sitting on a balloon until it pops.

Wanna chit chat with someone new? Maybe even make a new friend from another Country? Well then buy my gig I will add you on my Kik list or Facebook and do my best to cheer you up if you are down or make you laugh and simply be a good new friend, maybe even help you out if you are having issue or give advise :)

I will comment your blog articls for $5

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Hello I will read inserts on your blog and I will comment on the topics that I read about. .Fast service. You can make additional requests, just message me first !

I will take a custom video of my feet for you for $5

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Hello! For this gig I will create a custom video of my feet You can make additional requests , just message me first !
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