Terms Of Service

Norms For Merge In the Growth
The Tactic Behind In Our Performance

  • You should become a member of Redlr through registration to purchase or sell
    via our site. We never charge for registration and we offer free registration for
    everyone even for sellers.

  • We prove our excellence through everything scheduled and we implemented it
    in individual pin too and it start from $5 USD (five dollars usd).

  • You should be registering with Redlr to afford or sell by means of the website.

  • The whole Redlr Pins should remit the payments as advance.

  • Redlr deliver the payment for seller after job completion

  • You should only utilize only the order place for any pins and we are not guarantee
    for any other method.

  • The buyers have the complete right of the job after delivery; excluding the seller
    specify any pin description with the agreement of the buyer.


Ensured Payment in your bank account

  • Entire orders are managed through Redlr. Redlr will reimburse the merchants for
    every job or accordance with the victorious job delivery.

  • For every job you sell and fruitfully distribute accredits your account, Redlr charges
    20% as maintenance and service charges.

  • Withdrawing earning is needs the suitable PayPal, Payza, Bank account.
    Please ensure that your account can obtain incoming sums.

  • Revenues are distributed for the purpose of withdrawal option to have a secured
    clearance within the span of seven days.

  • The withdrawing revenues are subjected for fee of Paypal and Payza, hence accumulate
    the amount and withdraw it at once.

  • At any cost withdrawn amount will not be credited to the account again, the seller’s
    incomes are reimbursed to the purchaser.


Administrating Orders

  • Merchants will be informed through email every moment while the buyer request
    for a job.

  • The sellers are obligatory to meet up the delivery schedule that they indicated when
    generating their job.

  • Deteriorating to do complete it, he will allow the purchaser to terminate the order, which results in decreasing the seller’s rating.

  • Seller’s ratings are computed according to the feedback obtained from the consumers and the number of orders delivered or cancelled, the products which have been carried out.

  • The consumer as well the merchants are having the chance of canceling the order through agreement. The cancellation never affects the person while buying and at the same time seller position to call off the order will surely have an impact in their rating.


Ensured Security Through The complete Guidance

  • Seller’s and buyer’s individualities are kept under anonymous. To shield your privacy,
    keep away from requesting or delivering usernames of IM and Skype, Email addresses,
    or some other individual contact details.

  • Entire communications, data’s and files transfer should be executed completely via the site which is using the Redlr messaging process.

  • Your account should be blocked at any moment if you involved in Posting or distribution illegal, violent, potentially offensive, violent, promotional, copyright protected, spam or any dangerous objects.


Occupation Freedom & Communications

  • The users are accountable to scan entire transmission of files for identifying  malwares.
    Redlr is not liable for any injuries which might happen owing to site utility, exploiting the transferred files.

  • Sellers should distribute the accomplished files, as well proof of job exploiting
    “Deliver Completed Work” option tab which can be picked out in Order Page.

  • Once the task is completed, the purchase has facilitated with 3 days to address and complaint filing. After this period, the task will confirmed as total.

  • Suppose, the negotiation is needed Redlr judgment will be ultimate.


Withdrawing profits

  • The legal Paypal, Payza, Bank account is mandatory for withdrawing the income and it is your duty to check the incoming payments of your account.

  • Paypal’s transfer charges will be around 2% of the total withdrawal amount and with a higher limitation of $1. You can save some amount while withdrawing the amount equal or more than $50.

  • Withdrawals are concluding without undo. We are not responsible for refunding or altering this course of action which have been started.

Ordering PINs

  • The pins can be obtained utilizing the PayPal, Credit Card, Payza or Bank Account.

  • Soon after authenticating the payment, the order which you have placed will be generated.
    The merchant will be informed if you have entered the needed details by the order,

  • Keep away from a concern or reversing a payment by Paypal, Payza or your bank.
    If you do it,it may obtain the discomfort of account blocked.

  • Suppose, having $5 or more credit in your Redlr account, it will be deducted from your Redlr account for the purpose of payment spaced out from your selected paypal account.



We motivate our consumers to take care of problems between themselves. If for any
purpose this procedure is not able, you can get in touch with us at support@redlr.com
If necessary, reimbursements will be placed into the Buyer´s redlr account balance.
PayPal or Alertpay/Payza refund requests are not approved.

redlr reserves the right to terminate and reimbursement any purchase at any time without a reason.

Withdrawing Funds

Funds can be withdrawn to a Paypal or Alertpay/Payza consideration or to the Sellers redlr
account balance 14 days after a pin was noticeable as finish for pin Level 1 and Pin Level 2 Sellers.

Pin level 3 Sellers will be able to immediately take out funds after pin complete.
Please make sure your Paypal or Alertpay/Payza consideration is qualified to get expenses
before receiving funds from your redlr account.

To be qualified for withdraw, you must have a min stability/balance of $4.00.Please allow
up to 3 working days for payment demands to be prepared. read more about Pin Levels.

Transaction Disputes

You agree to never file a payment dispute with paypal or Alertpay/Payza.
Contact our redlr assistance group at support@redlr.com to help you fix payment problems.
Customers who file Paypal or Payza disputes will have their redlr accounts shutdown and
be completely banned from using redlr in the future.




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